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Das Pretzel | $10
Giant Oktoberfest Pretzel served with Haus Made Mustard and Bier Cheese

Potato Pancakes | $9
Served with Apple Sauce and Sour Cream

Bavarian Nachos | $13
Haus Fries with Müenster cheese, Bavarian sausage crumbles and Sauerbraten gravy OR Jäger sauce!

Das Best Wurst Platter | $24
A selection of delectable German Sausages with Kraut, Apple Red Cabbage, Pretzel Bites Basket, Haus Made Mustard and Bier Cheese

Spätzel Croquettes | $12
Our signature Käsespätzle battered with pretzel crumbs and deep fried into golden croquettes. Jäger sauce and curry sauce for dipping!

Haus Wings | $12
Jumbo Wings (Regular or Boneless) sauced in your choice of Buffalo, Honey BBQ or Sauerbraten gravy

Jäger Skins | $11
Crispy Potato Skins topped with our famous Jäger Sauce and melted Münster cheese. Side of sour cream.

Schnitzel Flammkuchen | $15
Flatbread Pizzette topped with sauce-tossed Schnitzel, caramelized onions and melty German cheeses

Choice of: Honey BBQ, Buffalo Bleu, Jäger Sauce

Das Slider Trio | $12

Brat with kraut, Jägerschnitzel, Buffalo Chicken with Summer slaw

Soups / Salads

Paulaner Bier Cheese Soup | $7
With crisped onions and Pretzel Croutons

Beef Gulasch Soup | $8
A hearty German classic with beef and vegetables

German Onion Soup | $8
Served with Smoked Münster Cheese and Pretzel Croutons

Haus Salad | $8
Mixed greens, beefsteak tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, served with our Haus dressing

Add grilled or breaded chicken $4

The Big 'Garten Salad | $13

Mixed greens, pickled cucumbers, candied pecans. craisins, with a honey goat cheese crumble

Add grilled or breaded chicken $4


Cucumber Salad | $8
Fresh pickled cucumbers, shaved onion in a sweet vinaigrette


Warm/Cold German Potato Salad | $8

Haus Fries | $6

Haus Made Butter Spätzel| $8

w/ Jäger or Sauerbraten Gravy | $11

Haus Made Sauerkraut | $7

Apple Red Cabbage | $7


Kinder Corner

Das Schnitzel | $24
Golden Fried Pork Cutlet with lingonberry jam and warm potato salad
*Chicken available upon request

Sauerbraten | $27
Braised Beef Tenderloin smothered in a tangy brown gravy, served with Haus Made Spätzle and apple red cabbage


Schweinshaxe | $32
Braised pork shank with crispy skin, so tender it falls off the bone. Served with Haus Made potato dumplings and apple red cabbage

Eins, Zwei, Drei! Trio of Wursts | $23
Bratwurst, Krainerwurst, Weisswurst, served with sauerkraut, apple red cabbage and warm potato salad

Jägerschnitzel | $27
Golden fried prok cutlet in a rich bacon mushroom gravy with spätzle and apple red cabbage

Käsespätzel | $15
Bavarian cheese pasta with crisped onions and fresh parsley

Add Cherrywood-Smoked Bacon or Sausage Crumbles $4

Zwiebelrostbraten | $32
Prime Tenderized NY Strip Steak with a mountain of crisped onions over warm German Potato Salad. Served with an Onion Aus Jus

Filet of Cod Schnitzel (Fish and Chips) | $24
Bier-battered cod served with haus fries and cucumber salad

Curry-Spiced Wurst | $18
A German “fast food” favorite! A pair of Krainerwursts topped with our Spicy/Sweet Red Curry Sauce. Served with Haus Fries

Das Schnitzel Sandwich | $13
Golden Fried Pork Cutlet on a Pretzel Bun served with lettuce, tomato and lemon pepper mayo *Chicken available upon request

- Add Münster/Swiss/American cheese $1

- Add Cherrywood-Smoked Bacon $2

Das Grilled Chicken Sandwich | $13
Haus-Seasoned Organic Grilled Chicken with lettuce, tomato and lemon pepper mayo

- Add Münster/Swiss/American cheese $1

- Add Cherrywood-Smoked Bacon $2

Classic Bratwurst | $13
Served with Sauerkraut, Haus Made Mustard on a pretzel bun

Das Burger | $15
100% Angus Beef topped with Bier Cheese, crisped onions, on a toasted Pretzel Bun

Add Cherrywood-Smoked Bacon $2

Jäger Burger | $16
100% Angus Beef topped with Swiss Gruyere, caramelized onions and our Bacon Mushroom Jäger sauce on a toasted Pretzel Bun

Das Cheese "Dog" (The Leo) | $13

Krainerwurst smothered in Bier Cheese and crisped onions


Jägerschnitzel Sandwich | $16

Our famous Jägerschnitzel with melted Münster cheese on a toasted Pretzel Bun

Cod Schnitzel Sandwich | $14
Bier-Battered Cod served with lettuce, tomato, lemon pepper mayo

Apple Chicken Sausage Sandwich | $13
Served on our Pretzel bun with chilled Summer Slaw

Das Apfel Strudel | $10
Served with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh whipped cream

Bavarian Cream Rice Pudding | $8
Mom’s famous “Jackie’s Delicatessen” recipe, served with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon

German Chocolate Lava Cake | $10
Served with vanilla bean ice cream

Das Dessert Pretzel | $10
Our famous Oktoberfest pretzel bites tossed in butter, cinnamon & sugar. Served with Haus Made Icing


Ask about our Rosie’s Bakeshop Dessert Special!


Das Kaffee | $3
Bavarian Brewed Coffee


Assorted Selection of Teas | $2

Ask about our specialty after dinner cocktails!

Coffee & Tea

Chicken Fingers | $10
Served with Haus Fries

Butter Spätzle (German Pasta) | $8

Das Grilled Cheese | $10
Served with Haus Fries


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